Global March For Lions

Global March For Lions - Blog 6

Something different then the topics that I usually post, but this I had to share.

The sad fact is that in several countries, lions are bred so that rich people can “hunt” them for pleasure. These canned huntings or trophy huntings are a growing business in mainly Africa and so thousands of lions are bred and shot, with guns or arrows. The lions who are raised by humans are so used to human contact that they are not afraid when hunters arrive and so will not flee, which guarantee a kill for the people who pay to take their live.

On March 15th there were marches organised in over 60 cities worldwide, the Global March For Lions and so me & my sister participated in the march in Amsterdam. Along with about a hundred other people we gathered to let our voices be heard. It’s heartwarming to see that here and all over the world are so many people that care about these beautiful animals. Hopefully with this kind of attention governments will take action to ban these horrible activities.

Would you like to learn more about canned hunting OR take action?

On this site you can sign a petition to President Zuma

This petition is to stop the breeding of lions for hunting

Global March for Lions is the organisations who raises awareness and is behind the organisation of the marches worldwide


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