Global March For Lions

Global March For Lions - Blog 6

Something different then the topics that I usually post, but this I had to share.

The sad fact is that in several countries, lions are bred so that rich people can “hunt” them for pleasure. These canned huntings or trophy huntings are a growing business in mainly Africa and so thousands of lions are bred and shot, with guns or arrows. The lions who are raised by humans are so used to human contact that they are not afraid when hunters arrive and so will not flee, which guarantee a kill for the people who pay to take their live.

On March 15th there were marches organised in over 60 cities worldwide, the Global March For Lions and so me & my sister participated in the march in Amsterdam. Along with about a hundred other people we gathered to let our voices be heard. It’s heartwarming to see that here and all over the world are so many people that care about these beautiful animals. Hopefully with this kind of attention governments will take action to ban these horrible activities.

Would you like to learn more about canned hunting OR take action?

On this site you can sign a petition to President Zuma

This petition is to stop the breeding of lions for hunting

Global March for Lions is the organisations who raises awareness and is behind the organisation of the marches worldwide


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one snowy morning in Elswout

snowy morning in Elswout By LosAngelas

It seems that sometimes I need a winter-stop and although I have been busy with some other stuff, I easily postpone my blog.

But the best remedy to start up again is to just do it!!  So hereby, although today is the first “warm” day in Holland since…. FOREVER! is a series I made on one the the first snowy days in Holland, made in the Elswout in Haarlem.

Therefore I have the greatest admiration for all those, ( photo,- food,-) bloggers out there who daily or weekly manage to produce new stuff for their readers.

So I would like to know what do you do, to keep your blog updated  or do any tips for people like me who get stuck now and then!

Thanks & Enjoy!!

snowy morning in Elswout By LosAngelas


snowy morning in Elswout By LosAngelas

snowy morning in Elswout By LosAngelas

snowy morning in Elswout By LosAngelas

How beautiful autumn can be

*** update : visit this post at my moved blog : HERE ***

About a 10 minute cycle from my house is this beautiful estate called the Orangerie, around the estate is a forrest called Elswout, which is so beautiful, it looks like your taking a stroll through a forrest out of Lord Of The Rings!

In the last couple of weeks we’ve had quite a couple of beautiful autumn days, on some of them we  went for walks through Elswout. On one day I went by myself to photograph this beautiful area, so I can share with you, how beautiful autumn can be.

Meet Cedric & Mushroom

It been a ridiculously long time, since the last time I posted something here. You know how it gets sometimes, you neglect your blog for a while, but the stories and the photos keep building up and before you know it your a couple of months later and you sit down on a sunday evening and just decide to start.

So, let me start and the part that has changed my life in the last couple of months. As you might have read here back in March, I had to part with my sweet friend Brandy after 16 years of companionship. Losing someone, even though if it’s your pet, is so hard and the weeks that followed you noticed how empty the house is when you come home, or when sitting on the couch at night while watching tv.

But then my cousin, told me that her boyfriends cousins cat (do you still follow?), was expecting kittens. Since it was still a couple of weeks, I still had time to think about it. But then on May 18th, I got a message that 6 kittens were born. 3 weeks later my boyfriend & I got in the car, “Just to have a look”….. hahaha!

Like who could ever go and have a look at kittens and then just leave…. So 15 minutes later Andy & I were both sitting with a tiny fur ball in our hands.

When I saw Mushroom I knew that she was meant to be in my life and Andy chose one of the ginger males, and called him Cedric.

Since the end of July Cedric & Mushroom have been living with us and every single day we’re having so much fun with them. So I think you can expect some (or a lot) of kitty photos now and then.

Remember & Be Free

4 Mei - copyright @ LosAngelas

The 4th of May in Holland is Memorial Day, on this day: we remember civilians and soldiers who have died or were murdered in the Kingdom of the Netherlands or elsewhere in the world since the WOII in situations of war or peace missions. This is translations of the definition of the dutch memorial day.Ever year there are ceremonies held all over the country, with the main ceremony on Damsquare in the centre of Amsterdam. Where the Queen and her son (the crown prince) and his wife take part every year.

For the first time me and my friend girlie, decided to attend this ceremony instead of watching live on tv.  Next to speeches being held, by politicians and members of committees for surviving dependents, there are wreaths placed at the monument by our Queen, members of our military, veterans and other politicians. At 8 PM there are 2 minutes of silence in the whole country.

It was an amazing experience being there, especially the experience of being with so many people together and living the 2 minutes of silence.

This is my impressions of the evening:

4 Mei - copyright @ LosAngelas

Lucky shot was taken paparazzo style, where I just captured Queen Beatrix (in front)

4 Mei - copyright @ LosAngelas

Here Crown Prince Willem Alexander with his wife Princess Maxima 

4 Mei - copyright @ LosAngelas

the Monument on Damsquare with wreaths

On the 5th of May we celebrate living in freedom and celebrate being liberated from the occupation of the Germans in 1945.

And for this reason there are music festival held all over the country. Now this girls is lucky enough to have one of the BEST festivals around the corner of her house…! In Haarlem an enormous space is being fenced off for the event, with multiple stages, a market where you can buy souvenirs & clothing and of course bars with beer & wine and food stands. Unfortunately, all this and this and this liberation day being a saturday meant that it was busier then I have ever seen it, and was therefore not able to see all the music bands I wanted to see.

However I did make a nice impression of that day for you guys!

5 Mei - Copyright @ LosAngelas

5 Mei - Copyright @ LosAngelas

5 Mei - copyright @ LosAngelas

Apple Tarte Tatin and I’m hot on wordpress!!!


Freshly Pressed - By LosAngelas


When I wake up in the morning I first check my blog, a sort of morning ritual I guess. When I looked this morning I was pleasantly surprised that I had a lot of views and a list of likes and comments! Then I found out that I had made it onto the Freshly Pressed page!! With my post on Dutch Flower Fields 

I was so excited, that I did not even go for my usual, extra 10 minutes snoozing, but got up immediately and when for a morning run – which 2 months ago I decided to do at least 6 mornings a week, but in the last couple of weeks it had decreased to twice a week and a lazy 15 minute run. – but my energy this morning was unstoppable!


Freshly Pressed - By LosAngelas

my previous stats diminish by todays...

I had set myself a blog goal of reaching 1000 views a month, which twice I almost achieved, but with today alone 3700 this goal is out of the window…. but then again goals are set to be broken, right?? 🙂

And thank you everybody for visiting, supporting, liking & commenting!!

Apple tarte tatin - Copyright @ LosAngelas

When my good friend girlie came over last week, we had already made plans to have a active day together. Before she arrived I felt like baking a simple apple Tarte Tatin, something sweet before before we would burn off the calories on our beach walk and hike somewhere. Coffee and apple tarte tatin made us comfortable, and the slightly rain convinced us to stay indoors and to open a bottle of wine and watch a movie instead. 🙂

No calories were burned, but this apple tarte tatin makes you not to worry about that.

Apple tarte tatin - Copyright @ LosAngelas

This simple Tarte Tatin is a nice light little thing to bake; I have used a small 6 inch bake tin,   a little cake big enough for 2.

Further on you need: 1 firm sour apple, handful of raisins, cinnamon, 2 sheets of puff pastry, 3 TbS of sugar and a little bit of water.

Line the bake tin with baking paper, and butter the sides. Then peel the apple and cut it in to flat slices. Lay the slices in the the tin, sprinkle with raisins & cinnamon. Lay on another layer of apple slices, raisins & cinnamon. Next, boil the sugar with the water till the sugar has dissolved and the mixture has a thicker consistency (you will have a too much of this, but it’s easier to make a bit more then a tiny bit). Sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of sugar water over the apples. Butter one sheet of puff pastry then put second on top and roll till you have a nice thin pastry and cover the apples and tuck the pastry in the tin. Last, coat the pastry with sugar water.

Bake for about 20 minutes, check first if there is any excess water and drain it, the let the tarte cool down. Carefully flip the tin with and surprise you good friend or mother with this cute little pastry!


Apple tarte tatin - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Apple tarte tatin - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Koninginnedag / Queensday in Haarlem

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Yesterday was the best Dutch National Holiday; Queensday or Koninginnedag. you would think that we are celebrating the Queens birthday, but what we dutchies are actually celebrating is the birthday of the (late) queen mom. When our current Queen Beatrix was crowned in 1980, this national holiday was her present to her mother.

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Our nation loves our Royal Family and that’s why every year the whole nation puts on their orange t-shirts and we party our orange bums off every where. The Royal Family celebrates with us every year, by visiting 2 places in Holland which prepare a whole tour for the royals with performances, music and (old fashioned) games in which most royals also take part (as a queen lover, I always watch at least an hour of this on tv, screaming every minute “look a nice they are!” “Aren’t they just great!?!” which my boyfriends just ignores after say Yes, yes yeeheees…)

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelasKoninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Anyway, we celebrated in the place we live in Haarlem, where loads of people (young and old) try to make a Euro or 2 by selling their goods on the free market, but there are also bands performing everywhere, and – my favorite, on the central square there is a kermis. Enough to do and see! This is the impression I made for you guys.

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

FYI – the guitarist in front is wearing shorts behind his guitar…  😉


And the award goes to…

ME !

It’s true, for the first time in my blogging career I have been awarded an award in this case a Liebster award by fellow blogger Avril.

Thank you so much Avril, from “the cook, the baker and the clay boy maker” for this honor! I know you awarded me this a while ago, I’m still blushing and very happy that you thought of me when handed out this award.

I thought to take this opportunity also to take a look back:

On the 2nd of June 2010 I started this blog and here is my first post, taken on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Since then I have posted 65 posts about baking, my travel adventures and general photography.

The most poplar three posts are by far:

1 – Three days London

London - London Eye by LosAngelas

2 – Fresh Mint Tea

Fresh Mint Tea - Copyright LosAngelas

Fresh Mint Tea - Copyright LosAngelas

3 – We can’t eat unless it’s blogworthy

Now over to the following of the Liebster steps:

1.& 2.  Link back and thank the person who gave this award to you.

Already done, but again thank you Avril from the The Cook, The Baker and The Clay Boy Maker – Blog.

3. Post the Award to you blog


4. Pass the award on to 5 bloggers with less then 200 followers.

As the WordPress, is filled with great blogs and I follow a great deal of them this was very hard..! Here are the 5 I have nominated for this award.

RealFunFood, Sara (an American girl living in London) shows in this blog in photography  her creations from her kitchen but also funny stories of her daily life

TidyTipsy, this beautiful blog is from Kristina who lives with her boyfriend and cats in Germany. I have followed this blog a long time and Kristina is absolutely a creative inspiration.

EmilyGoochPhotos, Emily makes beautiful nature and landscape photographs while she walking in these amazing surroundings with her two dogs.

FATman photos, is a blog by Adrian, who’s takes you daily on the photographic journey from portraits to abstract and detailed photography. Adrian inspires you to look and things differently.

Warmhotchocolate, is an amazing creative blog by Julee. She gives you great tips for creative projects for yourself or your young children (if you have any) but also her beautiful photography truly  is inspiring.

5. Leave comments on the 5 blogs of these people

Will do immediately after posting!

Since I have started this blog I have learned a lot about blogging, photography and myself! I enjoy looking at the amazing stuff my fellow bloggers produce on a daily basis and hope to keep on doing this  🙂

Ode to my Brandy

Dear (Blog)friends,

As you could read in one of my more recent post, lady luck did not smile upon me when this year started. However hard to deal with the breaking of precious things, in the end stuff is stuff and with money you can get your stuff repaired or replaced.

Brandy - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Brandy - Copyright @ LosAngelas

It was a whole other story when I had to take my dear Brandy to the vet, when I thought she had a small infection and it turned out to be a uncureable tumor, with the message of “days maybe weeks” and tears in my eyes I left the vet.

The days that followed I cherished my time with Brandy, and made sure that everybody in my family got the chance to say their goodbyes to her. Luckily the days turned into weeks and I have been happy and thankful to have those last moments with her.

Unfortunaltely, irreversible means in this case irreversible, and at one point I had to make the hardest decision of my life, on someone else’s life.

Goodbye my dear friend, I will never forget you!

Brandy - Copyright @ LosAngelas
Brandy – Copyright @ LosAngelas
ps. after this loss, it was hard to be inspired to blog for a while, but I’m sure that I will soon be surprising you with some delicious and colorful posts 🙂