First Cherry Blossom of the year

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The last winter in our side of the world has been extremely mild, even now we have some unusually warm days, causing plants to bloom early. Weather reporter even say that nature is one month ahead of itself.

When we had one of these warm, spring days earlier this week, me & the boyfriend headed to a parc we have heard of in Amstelveen  ( a city near Amsterdam ), a Cherry Blossom Parc. The Parc has 400 cherry blossom trees, the trees were donated by the Japanese Women’s Club, also we found out that all trees have been named; 200 have Japanese women’s and 200 have Dutch woman’s.

When we arrived only a few were blossoming, yet still I got to take some nice shots. With some adjustments in photoshop, I got to create a nice whimsical effect.

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Copyright LosAngelas

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