Practicing Food Photography: Mushrooms & Garlic

Mushrooms and garlic 3

I wanted to experiment with some more food photography, so I had a little photo shoot using some mushrooms & garlic.

I used a 50mm 1.8 Nikon lens for this, and I’m very pleased with the result.

But of course I would like your feedback on this, which one do you think is the best?

Thanks! Angela

mushrooms and garlic 11


Mushrooms and garlic 4

mushrooms and garlic 9

Mushrooms and garlic 5

Mushrooms and garlic 7


Mushrooms and garlic 8


Mushrooms and garlic 10

5 responses to “Practicing Food Photography: Mushrooms & Garlic

  1. I love these, Angela, they’re excellent – and without a doubt my favourite is the one you’ve got at the top! Why? Well, some of the others are pictures of food; good pictures of food, but just pictorial.

    Of the 3 ones of mushrooms alone on the vivid cloth, two are singles. But the top photo has 3 mushrooms, they’re in different postures to one another – quirky, humorous, they look like 3 people in big hats standing there, or maybe even dancing there; and, finally, having a wide area of the picture’s foreground out of focus gives the picture much valuable depth. Good image! Hope this is helpful. Adrian

    • Yes very helpful Adrian! This little shoots, that you can just practice at home, in this case the garden, teach you so much about photography, and above all is a lot of fun to do 🙂

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