A four day weekend!!

4 day weekend - Copyright LosAngelas

Yes, I’m looking forward to a four-day-weekend, I’m the luckiest girl in my garden! 

In four days I’m sure gonna find the time to cook  or bake something, so I treated myself to a glass of wine and cheese and already did some investigation and inspiration…. hopefully I can show you the results later on in the weekend…!!

four day weekend - Copyright LosAngelas

Start the weekend on the beach

copyright LosAngela

Last night my friend N. & I did what we way we would do more often, go for a walk on the Zandvoort beach.

so yesterday (friday) late afternoon, just when dawn was setting in, we we started our weekend with a relaxing and refreshing walk on the beach and I managed to shoot some nice snapshots.

Although the weather was nice in comparison what we lived with the last couple of weeks, there were hardly any people around.

All ready for the weekend, we enjoyed a nice glass of wine to really start the weekend of course… 🙂

enjoy your weekend!!!

Copyright LosAngelas

Copyright LosAngelas