Loose tea and a beautiful smokers table

tea and a table 3

Now that the days are getting darker, noticeable shorter and, especially the last 2 days, windy and wet, the time of sitting outside with a cool drink is definitely behind us. And so its time to light the candles and pour a nice cup of tea, and therefore I invested in some lovely loose teas, when I was in a marrocan market last week.

I bought several flavours and made my own blend with, Jasmin, dried rose, and hawthorn. If you dont have a nice tea sieve, like my teapot has, these girls made a great tutorial on how to make your own teabags

As for this extraordinary table; I was looking on a 2nd hand webiste, for a small, cheap wooden side table so that I could paint it in some funky color. I found this one, made a bid and the woman mailed me the same day that I could pick it up the next afternoon.

A very friendly man answered the door and had to get the table from the addict where it has spend at least the last couple of years. The man explained that it was a hand made copper or brass table, which is called a smokers table and if I would polish it the table would shine right up. Unfortunately through circumstances they had to sell it, but he was happy that they could make someone else happy with it.

So a few ferocious polish hours and a slight brasso high later see here the result of a beautiful gem in my living room.

For real tea lovers, Lorna is a real tea expert,  and a great blog to follow.

tea and a table 5

tea and a table 4

tea and a table

tea and a table 6

no more tea, but I don’t want to get up…

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OH! What a long long day I’ve had….!!! For work I had to go to our office in Brussels, this meant, absolutely against beliefs, to get up early EARLY.

Out of bed, in the car, in the train, out the train, 2,5 hrs later in an office, which gradually seemed to get warmer and warmer, then back in the train, of course another 2,5 hrs later, back in the car and finally 14 hours later sitting on the couch.

Was enjoying a cup of tea, which is now finished, but my legs don’t want to get me to the kitchen to make another one…