Red-riding-hood-like present (celebration in the park)

For the fifth time, our friend C. celebrated his birthday in a park in Amsterdam. Since he lives in an apartment in the city centre, he does not own a garden,

and so decided to invite everybody for a BBQ in a nearby park. So far we have always been lucky with the weather, and with a couple of beers, wine and a BBQ it has always been a great day.

I took this opportunity to try out some different recipes for sweet deliciousness, which I haven’t tried, since my BF can only handle so many brownies at once.

And celebrating in the park, a Red Riding Hood  themed present seemed in place.

with “fourless-yet-fudgy brownies” from Linda Collisters Brownie Bliss

“Chocolate-Meringueclouds” from Alisa Morov’s Meringues

and my own recipes for cupcakes.

mmm….. Enjoy! ( I did)