And the award goes to…

ME !

It’s true, for the first time in my blogging career I have been awarded an award in this case a Liebster award by fellow blogger Avril.

Thank you so much Avril, from “the cook, the baker and the clay boy maker” for this honor! I know you awarded me this a while ago, I’m still blushing and very happy that you thought of me when handed out this award.

I thought to take this opportunity also to take a look back:

On the 2nd of June 2010 I started this blog and here is my first post, taken on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Since then I have posted 65 posts about baking, my travel adventures and general photography.

The most poplar three posts are by far:

1 – Three days London

London - London Eye by LosAngelas

2 – Fresh Mint Tea

Fresh Mint Tea - Copyright LosAngelas

Fresh Mint Tea - Copyright LosAngelas

3 – We can’t eat unless it’s blogworthy

Now over to the following of the Liebster steps:

1.& 2.  Link back and thank the person who gave this award to you.

Already done, but again thank you Avril from the The Cook, The Baker and The Clay Boy Maker – Blog.

3. Post the Award to you blog


4. Pass the award on to 5 bloggers with less then 200 followers.

As the WordPress, is filled with great blogs and I follow a great deal of them this was very hard..! Here are the 5 I have nominated for this award.

RealFunFood, Sara (an American girl living in London) shows in this blog in photography  her creations from her kitchen but also funny stories of her daily life

TidyTipsy, this beautiful blog is from Kristina who lives with her boyfriend and cats in Germany. I have followed this blog a long time and Kristina is absolutely a creative inspiration.

EmilyGoochPhotos, Emily makes beautiful nature and landscape photographs while she walking in these amazing surroundings with her two dogs.

FATman photos, is a blog by Adrian, who’s takes you daily on the photographic journey from portraits to abstract and detailed photography. Adrian inspires you to look and things differently.

Warmhotchocolate, is an amazing creative blog by Julee. She gives you great tips for creative projects for yourself or your young children (if you have any) but also her beautiful photography truly  is inspiring.

5. Leave comments on the 5 blogs of these people

Will do immediately after posting!

Since I have started this blog I have learned a lot about blogging, photography and myself! I enjoy looking at the amazing stuff my fellow bloggers produce on a daily basis and hope to keep on doing this  🙂

A series of unfortunate events

Neither technology  nor luck has been on my side lately.

This is what happened:

A couple of weeks ago  my friend N, called me “I’ve got two tickets for the Efteling and I thought this is a day I should spend with you” First of all if you don’t know what the Efteling is, it’s the biggest themepark in Holland. So you can imagine that I jumped through my living room!

A week and a half ago the big day was there, we left the house early, for a girlie day filled with roller coasters. To make a whole day of it, we would stop half way for a cup of coffee as you do when you take a day trip. But somewhere in between getting out of the car and into the highway cafe (which was according to us more likely the waiting room for death) my iphone slipped out of my hand, and met the pavement. Luckily only the glass cracked and it still worked, this was not gonna stand in my way.

An hour later we strolled through the park on our way to our first roller coaster, we were in luck as we got front row seats of our first ride. 2 terrifying minutes later I knew that I I definitely got older since my last roller coaster ride. But it’s just like riding a bike and before I knew it my screams of terror turned into laughter for more.

To get a good impression of the day I, of course, packed my camera, always looking for blogworthy opportunities.

Unfortunately I forgot I also had a can of soda in my bag; that + the camera + a roller coaster ride = disaster

Drying and sweet words did not tempt my camera to switch back on…. so I packed him warmly in my scarf and we continued our day. Like 12-years olds we summed up all the rides we wanted to go on again before, we had to go home or better said before the park closed.

As it was Saturday night, when I got home there was nowhere I could get my camera, so I put him in a container of of rice and hoped for the best.

And what was I to do but get on my laptop, checking my blog and serving the web, when disaster stroke again. My laptop froze, and was non responsive to anything. And after switching it off it would not switch on again.  Desperate and sad I sat on the couch, afraid that the roof would come down.

In the meantime I have visited the tech. centre of Nikon, and the very nice man who was kind enough to have a look at it immediately, informed me that the camera was beyond repair, but luckily for me they had 1 occasion which happened to be the D80, the same model as my just diseased one. I took it straight away, as I have no idea how to live without one.

Also my laptop has been fixed, the only thing was that they had to replace the hard drive. No problem, as I had made regular back ups, nothing was lost right? WRONG! After re~installing my data I found our that almost all my photo’s have vanished! so for the last day & 1/2 I have desperately trying to retrive whatever can be retrieved.

So if you are still reading this: STOP! and make a back-up now. and just in case save all you precious documents, somewhere else…

Hopefully this can all be resolved and I can give you that impression of the Efteling.

Wish me luck!!

New Year in Scotland

blog scotland 14 - copyright @ LosAngelas

First of all Happy New Year to you all!!

Hope you a good time with your family and friends

It seems like it’s becoming a sort of tradition that in between my holiday and the new year, my blogging comes to a grinding stop. But I happy to start the new year with an post of a trip I made to Scotland

For the New Year my boyfriend & I went to Scotland to visit his family. We stayed in the west coast of Scotland in a small place called Lochgoilhead, a place small enough that they only have a shop for necessities a hotel, an Inn ( the Shore Inn, seen in the photo above) and and a parc with holiday homes.

The Lochgoilhead area is absolutely beautiful, surrounded by mountains and hills, it is a real outdoor place perfect for some photography. Unfortunately we had like only half an hour a day of dryness, the whole week. One morning when it wasn’t raining we took the dog for a walk, the loch was covered with what looked like black pebbles, but what were actually mussels.

blog scotland 14 - copyright @ LosAngelas

blog scotland 16 - Copyright @LosAngelas

blog scotland 14 - copyright @ LosAngelas

Two times we took a trip to Inveraray, half an hour drive from Lochgoilhead, a slightly bigger place with cozy pubs and tearooms, and a couple of shops which sell scottish souvenirs and local arts and products. A nice place to visit, apparently in the summer it’s better when there is also the opportunity to visit a landhouse with supposedly beautiful gardens and a tearoom.

But always available is this incredible view.

blog scotland 14 - copyright @ LosAngelas

Blog Scotland - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Blog Scotland 18 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

All in all, this part of Scotland is best to be visited in summer when you have more a guarantee that the weather is better. But every holiday is what you make of it, I guess, in any case we had a good time up there.


Everyday is a Sunday

Recently I came to find out that, after three years of working at that company, my contract was not renewed. This was of course not the best news to receive, and so it was that I found myself sitting in my living room in the middle of the day on a weekday.

I realized that I needed some well deserved rest, therefor it took me a while to blog about something, basically because I didn’t do a lot the first few weeks. But now I have decided to treat every day like a sunday, and take it as it comes… and so I started to bake again, which will follow later…

Now I get the chance to do things I could not do before, such as visit the secondhand shop around the corner of my house, where I scored these beautiful cups, as I was looking for some plates and cups for when I photograph food. I love the finesse of these cups, they’re all hand painted, and at least 30 years old.

At the moment I use them, when I have an afternoon cup of tea, read Haruki Murakami‘s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles, while Miles Davis fills my house with Jazz.

The garden chronicles – all about rain

garden & rain 10 - copyright LosAngelas

I live in Holland, actually in Haarlem to be exact, which basically mean that the summer is a hit or a miss… this year it started beautifully, blazing warm days, but unfortunately before we had time to get used to the actual sun  in July the rain came and it rained and rained and rained a bit more…

This is the only joy a I got from my garden back then; looking at it from the couch with the backdoor open, looking how the sky watered my plants for days and days.

Thank God, we have had some dry and sunny days lately, which I will post about later


garden & rain 11 - copyright LosAngelas

garden & rain 12 - copyright @ LosAngelas

garden & rain 15 - copyright @ LosAngelas



Fast Cars And Blueberry Muffins

Zandvoort Racing 3 - copyright LosAngelas

How time flies…! On Sunday you get up extremely early and half asleep your standing in the kitchen weighing sugar, flower and other ingredients because later that morning your friends will be picking you up to go to Zandvoort to go and see the Italia a Zandvoort, which basically means that anything on wheels with Italian branding goes on the track to race a couple of rounds.

Therefore I thought a home-baked snacky was a good idea and when that week before I browsed into a recipe called “To Die For Blueberry Muffins” I immediately knew I wanted to make these (and you should too, because they were delicious).

Zandvoort Racing 3 - copyright LosAngelas

Zandvoort Racing 3 - copyright LosAngelas

The day was great, we had a spot in the sun, and saw amazing cars racing by some of which you know this is the closed your gonna get to,  the muffins were indeed delicious, and closed the day off with a dinner on the beach, which is a 5 min walk from the circuit.

I thought, great day to blog about… then I went to sleep, to work, ate something, blinked with my eyes and it’s saturday morning, when I finally post this….

Zandvoort Racing 3 - copyright LosAngelas

Zandvoort Racing 3 - copyright LosAngelas

A four day weekend!!

4 day weekend - Copyright LosAngelas

Yes, I’m looking forward to a four-day-weekend, I’m the luckiest girl in my garden! 

In four days I’m sure gonna find the time to cook  or bake something, so I treated myself to a glass of wine and cheese and already did some investigation and inspiration…. hopefully I can show you the results later on in the weekend…!!

four day weekend - Copyright LosAngelas

Blossoms and a bit more…

Blossoms 10.2 - Copyright LosAngelas

*** update : visit this post at my moved blog : HERE ***

I know that in general too many pictures of flowers are taken and posted on blogs and sites like Flickr. I myself am also guilty of this, but it’s because they’re such an easy and often beautiful subject; they never complain when you take ten minutes longer or stick your lens in between their peddles.

I took these photo’s from blossoms, but posting similar photo’s seemed a bit boring, so I let my creativity flow, and added some beautiful quotes.

These are the results….

Blossoms 8.2 - Copyright LosAngelas

Blossoms 6.2 - Copyright LosAngelas

Blossoms 1.2 - Copyright LosAngelas