I did it, opened an etsy shop!

2 mushroom in grass @ LosAngelas

I have been wanting an Etsy shop for a while now and this week I have made the step.

The reason is that I want to share and sell my photos in print and therefore I opened my store and called it Creamy Light Pink 

At the moment I have only posted these four items, I’m working on adding more items on it. The photos will be printed in an professional lab and I have chosen for the photos to be printed on Hahnemuhle paper, which is a high end quality paper. I would really want my customers to receive a good quality product.

Any feedback or tips for selling on etsy, are more then welcome!

rozen in de tuin 1 4 @ LosAngelas


rozen in de tuin 1 3 @ LosAngelas


Rozen in de tuin 1 1 @ LosAngelas