Happy Halloween!!

profile halloween


Yes, this is me, zombie style!

A little bit of a fun halloween photoshop project!

For inspiration I have looked at these tutorials:

tutorial for the crack and peel 

tutorial for white eyes 

and although this tutorial is very fast, it’s good for inspiration

for any brushes, patterns and textures I go to: Brusheezy

Little side note, the flowers are not photoshopped, they have been dying in my living room for a couple of days…. but with the excuse that I needed them like that I did not have to feel bad for letting them die.




Funny Mushrooms

funny mushroom 1

In my last post I showed some photos of a little photo project I had in my garden, and asked which one you thought was the best. Both my blog friends Lorna & Adrian, pointed out this was the one, because it was funny looking. So, I thought to add a little detail giving the mushrooms a more cheeky look 🙂