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I have been looking into Microstock sites, what’s the point of taking thousands of photo’s if the majority is just sitting on my computer and I just flick through them now and then. Why not see if people want to use them and also make a little money on the side.

So, after reading into this subject, I signed up at Dreamstime, and loaded up two photo‘s to see what would happen. First the photo’s need to be approved, and this process takes about 155 (!) hours, for the impatient person like me, that is not easy. but one got approved, and to my surprise within a couple of days it was also downloaded, easy piecy I thought. so I dived into my archives to see what other material I could put online. As the experts say, a good portfolio is not a couple dozens but a couple of thousands. So after adjusting the selected photo’s I uploaded a few at the time, but I did not pay off, so far only two of the fifteen got accepted.

What I have learned of this is, that you need to look critical at the photo’s you want to use, the photo’s that are rejected are not necessarily bad, but they just don’t have a commercial value, and last is to be patient, first the waiting for them to be approved, which sometimes can take up to 4 days, and after that for someone to find your image and also downloading it. Important is also to use the right keywords, so the right person can find your image in a database of around 12 million photo’s.

These are the ones that didn’t make the cut.

If you’re wondering what the photo of the wall is supposed to be, it’s a texture image, which I have used several times, and to give photo’s a nice grungy touch

In case you are interested in Microstock on the website of MicrostockInsider there are reviews of all major microstock sites, here’s a link

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