chilling and relaxing

on my way home last night I decided to treat myself to some chillin’ and relaxin’. This week had been busy and somewhat stressful, it started on monday night, when I went to a friend and my beautiful bike got stolen ( mainly because I forgot to take the keys out) copyright Angie Laso I had to head to the police station in the streaming rain. Then on wednesday, I had one of those mornings, were I couldn’t find anything and everything was lost, this caused that I missed 2 buses and when I was finally  got the next one it was so overcrowded that I was standing cramped somewhere in the back where hey…. I saw my bike standing next to a house. calling the police that they HAD to pick it up. So that night when my friend N was supposed to come over for dinner, I had her waiting in my house while I paid my second visit to the police station to pick up my bike this time. N & I ended eating a simple salade, bread and lots of wine….

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