one snowy morning in Elswout

snowy morning in Elswout By LosAngelas

It seems that sometimes I need a winter-stop and although I have been busy with some other stuff, I easily postpone my blog.

But the best remedy to start up again is to just do it!!  So hereby, although today is the first “warm” day in Holland since…. FOREVER! is a series I made on one the the first snowy days in Holland, made in the Elswout in Haarlem.

Therefore I have the greatest admiration for all those, ( photo,- food,-) bloggers out there who daily or weekly manage to produce new stuff for their readers.

So I would like to know what do you do, to keep your blog updated  or do any tips for people like me who get stuck now and then!

Thanks & Enjoy!!

snowy morning in Elswout By LosAngelas


snowy morning in Elswout By LosAngelas

snowy morning in Elswout By LosAngelas

snowy morning in Elswout By LosAngelas

How beautiful autumn can be

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About a 10 minute cycle from my house is this beautiful estate called the Orangerie, around the estate is a forrest called Elswout, which is so beautiful, it looks like your taking a stroll through a forrest out of Lord Of The Rings!

In the last couple of weeks we’ve had quite a couple of beautiful autumn days, on some of them we  went for walks through Elswout. On one day I went by myself to photograph this beautiful area, so I can share with you, how beautiful autumn can be.

Remember & Be Free

4 Mei - copyright @ LosAngelas

The 4th of May in Holland is Memorial Day, on this day: we remember civilians and soldiers who have died or were murdered in the Kingdom of the Netherlands or elsewhere in the world since the WOII in situations of war or peace missions. This is translations of the definition of the dutch memorial day.Ever year there are ceremonies held all over the country, with the main ceremony on Damsquare in the centre of Amsterdam. Where the Queen and her son (the crown prince) and his wife take part every year.

For the first time me and my friend girlie, decided to attend this ceremony instead of watching live on tv.  Next to speeches being held, by politicians and members of committees for surviving dependents, there are wreaths placed at the monument by our Queen, members of our military, veterans and other politicians. At 8 PM there are 2 minutes of silence in the whole country.

It was an amazing experience being there, especially the experience of being with so many people together and living the 2 minutes of silence.

This is my impressions of the evening:

4 Mei - copyright @ LosAngelas

Lucky shot was taken paparazzo style, where I just captured Queen Beatrix (in front)

4 Mei - copyright @ LosAngelas

Here Crown Prince Willem Alexander with his wife Princess Maxima 

4 Mei - copyright @ LosAngelas

the Monument on Damsquare with wreaths

On the 5th of May we celebrate living in freedom and celebrate being liberated from the occupation of the Germans in 1945.

And for this reason there are music festival held all over the country. Now this girls is lucky enough to have one of the BEST festivals around the corner of her house…! In Haarlem an enormous space is being fenced off for the event, with multiple stages, a market where you can buy souvenirs & clothing and of course bars with beer & wine and food stands. Unfortunately, all this and this and this liberation day being a saturday meant that it was busier then I have ever seen it, and was therefore not able to see all the music bands I wanted to see.

However I did make a nice impression of that day for you guys!

5 Mei - Copyright @ LosAngelas

5 Mei - Copyright @ LosAngelas

5 Mei - copyright @ LosAngelas

Koninginnedag / Queensday in Haarlem

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Yesterday was the best Dutch National Holiday; Queensday or Koninginnedag. you would think that we are celebrating the Queens birthday, but what we dutchies are actually celebrating is the birthday of the (late) queen mom. When our current Queen Beatrix was crowned in 1980, this national holiday was her present to her mother.

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Our nation loves our Royal Family and that’s why every year the whole nation puts on their orange t-shirts and we party our orange bums off every where. The Royal Family celebrates with us every year, by visiting 2 places in Holland which prepare a whole tour for the royals with performances, music and (old fashioned) games in which most royals also take part (as a queen lover, I always watch at least an hour of this on tv, screaming every minute “look a nice they are!” “Aren’t they just great!?!” which my boyfriends just ignores after say Yes, yes yeeheees…)

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelasKoninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Anyway, we celebrated in the place we live in Haarlem, where loads of people (young and old) try to make a Euro or 2 by selling their goods on the free market, but there are also bands performing everywhere, and – my favorite, on the central square there is a kermis. Enough to do and see! This is the impression I made for you guys.

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

FYI – the guitarist in front is wearing shorts behind his guitar…  😉



Dutch flower fields – Copyright @ LosAngelas

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In this time of year it’s great to live where I live, which is a the edge of the bollenstreek or “flower area” Tourists from all over the world make a stop here to enjoy the sight of these flower power fields and no wonder, cause on a sunny day, as it was when I drove through there, the colors are so beautiful and intense.

Dutch flower fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Dutch flower fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

When you have the change to buy some of tulips or hyacinths, grab the opportunity to brighten up your house with a bit of dutch spring colors.

Dutch flower fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Dutch flower fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Dutch Flower Fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Update: 3 May – Since I have made it onto Freshly Pressed and this post is greatly visited, I decided to add a couple more photos 🙂

Dutch flower fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Dutch flower fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Dutch flower fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Dutch flower fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

A series of unfortunate events

Neither technology  nor luck has been on my side lately.

This is what happened:

A couple of weeks ago  my friend N, called me “I’ve got two tickets for the Efteling and I thought this is a day I should spend with you” First of all if you don’t know what the Efteling is, it’s the biggest themepark in Holland. So you can imagine that I jumped through my living room!

A week and a half ago the big day was there, we left the house early, for a girlie day filled with roller coasters. To make a whole day of it, we would stop half way for a cup of coffee as you do when you take a day trip. But somewhere in between getting out of the car and into the highway cafe (which was according to us more likely the waiting room for death) my iphone slipped out of my hand, and met the pavement. Luckily only the glass cracked and it still worked, this was not gonna stand in my way.

An hour later we strolled through the park on our way to our first roller coaster, we were in luck as we got front row seats of our first ride. 2 terrifying minutes later I knew that I I definitely got older since my last roller coaster ride. But it’s just like riding a bike and before I knew it my screams of terror turned into laughter for more.

To get a good impression of the day I, of course, packed my camera, always looking for blogworthy opportunities.

Unfortunately I forgot I also had a can of soda in my bag; that + the camera + a roller coaster ride = disaster

Drying and sweet words did not tempt my camera to switch back on…. so I packed him warmly in my scarf and we continued our day. Like 12-years olds we summed up all the rides we wanted to go on again before, we had to go home or better said before the park closed.

As it was Saturday night, when I got home there was nowhere I could get my camera, so I put him in a container of of rice and hoped for the best.

And what was I to do but get on my laptop, checking my blog and serving the web, when disaster stroke again. My laptop froze, and was non responsive to anything. And after switching it off it would not switch on again.  Desperate and sad I sat on the couch, afraid that the roof would come down.

In the meantime I have visited the tech. centre of Nikon, and the very nice man who was kind enough to have a look at it immediately, informed me that the camera was beyond repair, but luckily for me they had 1 occasion which happened to be the D80, the same model as my just diseased one. I took it straight away, as I have no idea how to live without one.

Also my laptop has been fixed, the only thing was that they had to replace the hard drive. No problem, as I had made regular back ups, nothing was lost right? WRONG! After re~installing my data I found our that almost all my photo’s have vanished! so for the last day & 1/2 I have desperately trying to retrive whatever can be retrieved.

So if you are still reading this: STOP! and make a back-up now. and just in case save all you precious documents, somewhere else…

Hopefully this can all be resolved and I can give you that impression of the Efteling.

Wish me luck!!

Apple turnovers, a quick fix when in need of something sweet.

appelflappen 2 - copyright @ LosAngelas

Sometimes you have a graving for something sweet. It doesn’t matter what it is, even a teaspoon of sugar would do at that moment. I had that feeling last week as I was walking through the city, then the idea of baklava popped in my head.

A couple of years ago I was on holiday in Crete and ate this almost every day, and thinking back of that I knew it, Baklava was the solution. There was one place that I knew at that time that sells this, but when I arrived there I was disapointed. They did not sell it anymore, cause of the change of season.

appelflappen- Copyright @ LosAngelas


This was not the time to find and try out a new recipe. So I went for a quick fix, an old favorite, Appleturnovers or appelflappen as we call them in Holland. I used to make these when I was a little girl with my mother and loved them.

All you need is some puffpastry, apple chopped, raisins, some lemon juice, cinnamon and sugar.

You don’t need to be Masterchef for this, but it does the trick when you’re in need of something sweet.

appelflappen 4 copyright @ LosAngelas


appelflappen 6 - copyright @ LosAngelas

appelflappen 3 - copyright @ LosAngelas


on a crisp autumn day

And so there is a day in autumn when the day is crisp, the sun is shining and the day invites you to go and leave your house as you have to treat each of these days as is can be the last one of the year.

We decided to spend the day in our old neighbourhood, the Jordaan in Amsterdam, where we walked around the beautiful canals and had lunch on one of the many filled terraces.

The garden chronicles – all about rain

garden & rain 10 - copyright LosAngelas

I live in Holland, actually in Haarlem to be exact, which basically mean that the summer is a hit or a miss… this year it started beautifully, blazing warm days, but unfortunately before we had time to get used to the actual sun  in July the rain came and it rained and rained and rained a bit more…

This is the only joy a I got from my garden back then; looking at it from the couch with the backdoor open, looking how the sky watered my plants for days and days.

Thank God, we have had some dry and sunny days lately, which I will post about later


garden & rain 11 - copyright LosAngelas

garden & rain 12 - copyright @ LosAngelas

garden & rain 15 - copyright @ LosAngelas