And now, something with chocolate again

Chocolate cocos 4  - Copyright LosAngelas

 The last time the last time I blogged was the last time I baked… both too long ago.

so last friday night I went to the supermarket and made sure that for the coming 2 months I would not have any excuse,

by buying a whole pile of butter, about 1,5 kilos of chocolate and more, actually  too much sugar. 

If we would to be snowed in, which would quite impossible since is June and warmer then it’s ever been,

we could at least survive on brownies until the rescue teams would come and look for us.

So it’s sunday afternoon; time to start!

Two weeks ago I tried making these lovely looking cake balls with chocolate and cocos, For which I had a recipe from Delicious Magazine.

Unfortunately it was an enormous disaster, which I don’t want to go into too much detail – but just picture like something exploded in my kitchen, and it totally put me off.

But I had to give it another shot… and everything went smoothly, even with all the pictures I took while making it.

It was still a lot of hassle, but I pulled it off! My test-subject (my BF) was blown away, and had four.

 For all the effort and hassle, that’s the best compliment you can get!

Unfortunately the recipe for these are not on the delicious website.

Chocolate cocos 2  - Copyright LosAngelas

Chocolate cocos 3  - Copyright LosAngelas

chocolate cocos - Copyright LosAngelas