Remember & Be Free

4 Mei - copyright @ LosAngelas

The 4th of May in Holland is Memorial Day, on this day: we remember civilians and soldiers who have died or were murdered in the Kingdom of the Netherlands or elsewhere in the world since the WOII in situations of war or peace missions. This is translations of the definition of the dutch memorial day.Ever year there are ceremonies held all over the country, with the main ceremony on Damsquare in the centre of Amsterdam. Where the Queen and her son (the crown prince) and his wife take part every year.

For the first time me and my friend girlie, decided to attend this ceremony instead of watching live on tv.  Next to speeches being held, by politicians and members of committees for surviving dependents, there are wreaths placed at the monument by our Queen, members of our military, veterans and other politicians. At 8 PM there are 2 minutes of silence in the whole country.

It was an amazing experience being there, especially the experience of being with so many people together and living the 2 minutes of silence.

This is my impressions of the evening:

4 Mei - copyright @ LosAngelas

Lucky shot was taken paparazzo style, where I just captured Queen Beatrix (in front)

4 Mei - copyright @ LosAngelas

Here Crown Prince Willem Alexander with his wife Princess Maxima 

4 Mei - copyright @ LosAngelas

the Monument on Damsquare with wreaths

On the 5th of May we celebrate living in freedom and celebrate being liberated from the occupation of the Germans in 1945.

And for this reason there are music festival held all over the country. Now this girls is lucky enough to have one of the BEST festivals around the corner of her house…! In Haarlem an enormous space is being fenced off for the event, with multiple stages, a market where you can buy souvenirs & clothing and of course bars with beer & wine and food stands. Unfortunately, all this and this and this liberation day being a saturday meant that it was busier then I have ever seen it, and was therefore not able to see all the music bands I wanted to see.

However I did make a nice impression of that day for you guys!

5 Mei - Copyright @ LosAngelas

5 Mei - Copyright @ LosAngelas

5 Mei - copyright @ LosAngelas

on a crisp autumn day

And so there is a day in autumn when the day is crisp, the sun is shining and the day invites you to go and leave your house as you have to treat each of these days as is can be the last one of the year.

We decided to spend the day in our old neighbourhood, the Jordaan in Amsterdam, where we walked around the beautiful canals and had lunch on one of the many filled terraces.

Red-riding-hood-like present (celebration in the park)

For the fifth time, our friend C. celebrated his birthday in a park in Amsterdam. Since he lives in an apartment in the city centre, he does not own a garden,

and so decided to invite everybody for a BBQ in a nearby park. So far we have always been lucky with the weather, and with a couple of beers, wine and a BBQ it has always been a great day.

I took this opportunity to try out some different recipes for sweet deliciousness, which I haven’t tried, since my BF can only handle so many brownies at once.

And celebrating in the park, a Red Riding Hood  themed present seemed in place.

with “fourless-yet-fudgy brownies” from Linda Collisters Brownie Bliss

“Chocolate-Meringueclouds” from Alisa Morov’s Meringues

and my own recipes for cupcakes.

mmm….. Enjoy! ( I did)

book love

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I love browsing  around in bookstore, especially those with tables different stories and with dozens of little corners to where you can sit and flip through the stack of books I usually collect. The Waterstones in Amsterdam is such a store, it’s impossible to just go in for 10 mins and buy 1 book…

For my holiday I I want to be prepared for every reading mood, so these were the ones which will be traveling with me.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by mark Twain

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami

Stories to Get You Through the Night by various writes

and in dutch

Ik ben niet bang by Italian writer Niccolo Ammaniti (I’m not scared)

Wat te doen als iemand sterft by Nicci French (what to do when someone dies)

I’m ready for lying on the beach for hours and hours….