First Cherry Blossom of the year

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The last winter in our side of the world has been extremely mild, even now we have some unusually warm days, causing plants to bloom early. Weather reporter even say that nature is one month ahead of itself.

When we had one of these warm, spring days earlier this week, me & the boyfriend headed to a parc we have heard of in Amstelveen  ( a city near Amsterdam ), a Cherry Blossom Parc. The Parc has 400 cherry blossom trees, the trees were donated by the Japanese Women’s Club, also we found out that all trees have been named; 200 have Japanese women’s and 200 have Dutch woman’s.

When we arrived only a few were blossoming, yet still I got to take some nice shots. With some adjustments in photoshop, I got to create a nice whimsical effect.

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Koninginnedag / Queensday in Haarlem

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Yesterday was the best Dutch National Holiday; Queensday or Koninginnedag. you would think that we are celebrating the Queens birthday, but what we dutchies are actually celebrating is the birthday of the (late) queen mom. When our current Queen Beatrix was crowned in 1980, this national holiday was her present to her mother.

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Our nation loves our Royal Family and that’s why every year the whole nation puts on their orange t-shirts and we party our orange bums off every where. The Royal Family celebrates with us every year, by visiting 2 places in Holland which prepare a whole tour for the royals with performances, music and (old fashioned) games in which most royals also take part (as a queen lover, I always watch at least an hour of this on tv, screaming every minute “look a nice they are!” “Aren’t they just great!?!” which my boyfriends just ignores after say Yes, yes yeeheees…)

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelasKoninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Anyway, we celebrated in the place we live in Haarlem, where loads of people (young and old) try to make a Euro or 2 by selling their goods on the free market, but there are also bands performing everywhere, and – my favorite, on the central square there is a kermis. Enough to do and see! This is the impression I made for you guys.

Koninginnedag 2012 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

FYI – the guitarist in front is wearing shorts behind his guitar…  😉


A four day weekend!!

4 day weekend - Copyright LosAngelas

Yes, I’m looking forward to a four-day-weekend, I’m the luckiest girl in my garden! 

In four days I’m sure gonna find the time to cook  or bake something, so I treated myself to a glass of wine and cheese and already did some investigation and inspiration…. hopefully I can show you the results later on in the weekend…!!

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Blossoms and a bit more…

Blossoms 10.2 - Copyright LosAngelas

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I know that in general too many pictures of flowers are taken and posted on blogs and sites like Flickr. I myself am also guilty of this, but it’s because they’re such an easy and often beautiful subject; they never complain when you take ten minutes longer or stick your lens in between their peddles.

I took these photo’s from blossoms, but posting similar photo’s seemed a bit boring, so I let my creativity flow, and added some beautiful quotes.

These are the results….

Blossoms 8.2 - Copyright LosAngelas

Blossoms 6.2 - Copyright LosAngelas

Blossoms 1.2 - Copyright LosAngelas