one snowy morning in Elswout

snowy morning in Elswout By LosAngelas

It seems that sometimes I need a winter-stop and although I have been busy with some other stuff, I easily postpone my blog.

But the best remedy to start up again is to just do it!!  So hereby, although today is the first “warm” day in Holland since…. FOREVER! is a series I made on one the the first snowy days in Holland, made in the Elswout in Haarlem.

Therefore I have the greatest admiration for all those, ( photo,- food,-) bloggers out there who daily or weekly manage to produce new stuff for their readers.

So I would like to know what do you do, to keep your blog updated  or do any tips for people like me who get stuck now and then!

Thanks & Enjoy!!

snowy morning in Elswout By LosAngelas


snowy morning in Elswout By LosAngelas

snowy morning in Elswout By LosAngelas

snowy morning in Elswout By LosAngelas

10 responses to “one snowy morning in Elswout

  1. Hi Angela, it’s good to see you back! Love the pics, especially the one with the blue doors – what a gorgeous colour and great contrast in the snowy landscape.
    As for what do people do to post on their blogs regularly: I realised at one point I was thinking in terms of “I have to post” but then realised that I’m doing this for fun, so I don’t have to if I don’t feel like it. And from that point onwards it felt really easy again.

    • Thanks Kiki!
      Yes, that what I felt like for a long time… and the longer you postpone the more often you think it!
      Maybe it was the sunny day, that today I also felt like this is not something I HAVE to do!
      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  2. What lovely photos, although I’m looking forward to a long stretch of snowless months now after the winter. You’ll be having your famous tulips soon, won’t you? Or perhaps there are already fields full of beautiful colours in Holland?

    I agree with Kiki, it’s best to write when you feel you have something to write about. I read a few blogs by people who write every day and although it is good practice to write regularly, sometimes it means saying something just for the sake of saying something, if you know what I mean. I’d rather read a post that someone has felt inspired to write than one they feel they have to write, and the same goes with posting photographs. Also, it’s nice to follow some blogs that don’t write too often, because if you follow too many regular writers you spend all your time reading blogs!

    • Hi Lorna,

      I’m so gratefull for bloggers like yourself!
      I enjoy sharing my stuff here with you guys, but sometimes I’m too much of a perfectionist and fiddle too much with the photos, and get not agree with myself untill it’s good enough… maybe I should not be too harsh on myself!!

      As you , we have had a long cold winter, so the beautiful flowers are coming a bit later. But I promise you that soon, I will take a day and make a nice serie specially for you!!

      Thanks again for your positive feedback!

  3. Amazing gallery, stunning photos – love the one from behind with little tail.
    We had our first warm day today too, up here. Lovely, but only a few hours of sun, but the chill is gone – I hope.

  4. Hi Angela! >>> good to hear from you again – long time! I like these new pictures of your’s!

    How do I keep on blogging? Well, its not too difficult for me – and especially now that I’ve retired and have lots of free time – and I love photography, value it HUGELY as a creative medium, and am very enthusiastic. I’m also extremely lucky in having inherited visual awareness from a grandmother – I see pictures everywhere.

    My blog has no rules – apart from trying the ring the changes, jumping from genre to genre – and people have said they like this – when they visit my blog they never know what they’re going to see. I would not like to keep posting the same types of images – maybe I’d feel caught in a rut.

    That said, and as much as I do enjoy blogging – both in creating images and being in touch with many friendly, interesting and talented people – I do think about what I’ll be left with at the end of it all. Ok, many good memories, and thousands of images on servers out there in the ether >>> but I think I want something more tangible – hard copies. So I’m making up books of my favourite images on – these are something I will always have, something to look fondly at in my dotage – and think – “I created that!”.

    I totally agree with Kiki about NOT getting into the mindset of “I have to post!” – this is relaxed, this is for fun – and, quite simply, I LOVE posting!

    Is this of any help to you?


    • Hi Adrian,
      Yes it has been a long time…. you are one of those people that I admire for constantly keeping up with your blog and your work!
      and you’re right, in the end, you end up with so many images… I sometimes think that I should print and frame some, but then make choices which ones 😛

      I will lower my mindset and lower my expectations and “just do it”!!

      Thanks for your kind words!!
      It’s so good to hear from you

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