How beautiful autumn can be

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About a 10 minute cycle from my house is this beautiful estate called the Orangerie, around the estate is a forrest called Elswout, which is so beautiful, it looks like your taking a stroll through a forrest out of Lord Of The Rings!

In the last couple of weeks we’ve had quite a couple of beautiful autumn days, on some of them we  went for walks through Elswout. On one day I went by myself to photograph this beautiful area, so I can share with you, how beautiful autumn can be.

21 responses to “How beautiful autumn can be

  1. I’m an autumn girl – your photo is a prof on why I love the autumn. Stunningly beautiful.
    My favorite is “Beautiful autumn 4” – thanks for sharing your view on your autumn – enjoyed so much.

  2. Angela, I don’t recollect seeing any posts from you for sometime – good to hear from you again! – and I must say that this is a very beautiful set of photos – extremely vibrant autumn colours and really delightfull subjects – good stuff! Adrian

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