Meet Cedric & Mushroom

It been a ridiculously long time, since the last time I posted something here. You know how it gets sometimes, you neglect your blog for a while, but the stories and the photos keep building up and before you know it your a couple of months later and you sit down on a sunday evening and just decide to start.

So, let me start and the part that has changed my life in the last couple of months. As you might have read here back in March, I had to part with my sweet friend Brandy after 16 years of companionship. Losing someone, even though if it’s your pet, is so hard and the weeks that followed you noticed how empty the house is when you come home, or when sitting on the couch at night while watching tv.

But then my cousin, told me that her boyfriends cousins cat (do you still follow?), was expecting kittens. Since it was still a couple of weeks, I still had time to think about it. But then on May 18th, I got a message that 6 kittens were born. 3 weeks later my boyfriend & I got in the car, “Just to have a look”….. hahaha!

Like who could ever go and have a look at kittens and then just leave…. So 15 minutes later Andy & I were both sitting with a tiny fur ball in our hands.

When I saw Mushroom I knew that she was meant to be in my life and Andy chose one of the ginger males, and called him Cedric.

Since the end of July Cedric & Mushroom have been living with us and every single day we’re having so much fun with them. So I think you can expect some (or a lot) of kitty photos now and then.

9 responses to “Meet Cedric & Mushroom

  1. They are absolutely adorable and I understand that you couldn’t resist them. Your photos are so wonderful. I love kittens and puppies .. and rabbits .. chickens .. Had two cats once, Whiskey & Zoda.
    Whiskey moved in as an adult cat and little Zoda we got as a kitten. All the best to you 4!

      • No, they have both been dead for many years now. Miss so much at times. Love their names – especially Mushroom. My mum is a cat expert – and she says that cat should have names with an S, Z, C in. Because as a kitten the listen to those .. more than other letters.

  2. LOL!! Oh my goodness… I was smiling and admiring their cuteness until I got to the last photo… That is just too cute! It made me laugh out loud enough that my furry kids were looking at me with a strange expression.

    Glad to see you back. I’m happy you found a couple of furry kids to love. 🙂

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