Dutch flower fields – Copyright @ LosAngelas

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In this time of year it’s great to live where I live, which is a the edge of the bollenstreek or “flower area” Tourists from all over the world make a stop here to enjoy the sight of these flower power fields and no wonder, cause on a sunny day, as it was when I drove through there, the colors are so beautiful and intense.

Dutch flower fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Dutch flower fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

When you have the change to buy some of tulips or hyacinths, grab the opportunity to brighten up your house with a bit of dutch spring colors.

Dutch flower fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Dutch flower fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Dutch Flower Fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Update: 3 May – Since I have made it onto Freshly Pressed and this post is greatly visited, I decided to add a couple more photos 🙂

Dutch flower fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Dutch flower fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Dutch flower fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Dutch flower fields - Copyright @ LosAngelas


    • Yes, this area is amazing this time a year, especially when the sun shines, the colors almost explode! and it’s just a 15 minute drive from my house….

  1. These are amazing! When I went to Holland I never saw them and in my mind before I went I expected them to be everywhere lol! They do look lovely. Nice pics.

  2. I miss the time when I could see the fields from my window, when I stayed in Noordwijk last year around this time. Absolutely beautiful! Sadly I never got time to take pictures.

  3. Reblogged this on Gooische Koppen and commented:
    for my ‘foreign’ readers: just a beuatiful blog with gorgeous photos. I am Dutch, live in England (Glastonbury, Somerset) and in Enkhuizen. When driving from Amsterdam to Enkhuizen, I pass the colorful strips of bulbs. How could I have not reblog this? Enjoy!

  4. Reblogged it with much pleasure for the ‘foreign’ readers on my blogs. Wanted to take pictures for two weeks now.. didn’t do it. Thanks for your blog, saved me from getting out of my car and standing close to a very busy road!!

  5. Love seeing your pictures, made me feel a bit homesick though! I’m from Holland but moved to England 11 years ago. I love all flowers but tulips in particular, and nobody does tulips better than the Dutch!

  6. Yes, the colors are so beautiful and intense, I love the pics and the flowers.
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  7. If you get the chance, in Ottawa Ontario, the tulips festival happens in early may. As a gift from the Dutch people in gratitude for housing the Dutch Royal family during WWII, the tulips are planted and thousands come to see the majestic colour of the flower beds. Of course, it is gorgeous to see the original tulips beds in this blog. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Really beautiful pictures! I lived in Leeuwarden, but never got the chance to see the fields of tulips in the south. Although you could pretty much find them anywhere to see them in fields like that is magnificent! Great work!

  9. We have a well known flower field in Carlsbad in Southern California that these pictures remind me of. Very beautiful. Wouldn’t mind visiting Holland and these up close. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you! it’s really something else to see it with your own eyes, and sometimes us, dutch people, take in for granted, I guess. I would be worth it, to visit it yourself!

  10. I’ve heard a lot of the Dutch Flower fields… looks great! Great pics! Are there several flower farms (idk if that’s what you call it..) or is there one main one?

    • Flower farms? I guess you can call them that, these flowers are grown for the sale, in Holland it THE flower auction in the world, then the flowers are shipped all over the world. But these are not the only ones, this area is very big (and for smaller amounts, like any farm, you can buy bunches at the street side of the farm)

    • Hi Angela! Just saw that it is definitely not Anacortes, as you live in Netherlands! 🙂 But it looked a lot like it – I used to live in Washington and those tulip fields were a highlight of spring!

  11. I nearly biked into a canal I was so overwhelmed by the colors when I visited the Keukehof and surroundings last month! The tulips weren’t quite out yet though, I guess I’ll have to visit again!

  12. It is one of my dreams to visit the Dutch flower fields during this time of the year! I love that you still find them beautiful, even though you see them all the time. Wonderful photos -made my day!

  13. It really is great. I am currently living in Utrecht on an erasmus year and I even went with 3 guys there for the entire day. Really beautiful.

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  15. Beautiful photographs. I am from Holland, Michigan. Our tulip festival begins this week complete with wooden shoe dancing! We had a very warm spell the beginning of spring, then frost and this year it will be mostly be a stem festival. I would love to see authentic Holland someday.

    • this is about a 15 min drive from where I live, and I don’t visit there as much as you would think! but then you don’t get used to the beautiful sight and the effect is great!

  16. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I was lucky enough to go to Keukenhof in 1995 and I plan to go back and visit again. Such a wonderful area.

  17. Tulip time! Love it. We have a tulip farm here in Oregon too that I have visited since I can remember. Love the flower farms. I would love to come over and see Dutch Flower fields 🙂 Congrats on making it on Freshly Pressed.

    • thank you! FP is absolutely great!! Cool that there are also tulip farms near where you live, and so cool to find out that people all over the world like these!

  18. You are lucky! You get to see a side of Heaven while on Earth. I long to go that place sooooooon!!!!

  19. Wow amazing photos!!! I work in a flower shop/cafe and we have lots of tulips and hyacinths in stock at the moment, but no where near as many as this haha! You are so lucky living there, I hope to visit Holland someday to see the flower fields and marts for myself.

  20. The flowers are so beautiful! I want to go there and just run around like a child! I guess it’s really great to live where you live. 😉

    Congratulations on being freshly pressed!

  21. in California we use to have a mini version of flower field such as these in Carlsbad and the were visible from Pacific Coast Hwy 1. However these photos are so gorgeous! love the flowers and the burst of colors make me feel like spring! what an amazing experience that must have been to take these photos. thank you for the post!!!;-)

  22. Lovely shots! I have indelible memories of taking the train from Paris to Amsterdam one spring many years ago and being awestruck by the painter’s palette of dazzling colors bursting from the infinite waves of delicate tulips along the way. I have been hooked on these wonderfully expressive flowers ever since!

    Thanks for reigniting truly beautiful memories. Congrats on the Freshly Pressed cameo.

  23. Lovely pictures! I love tulips – they are one of my favorite flowers. I grew up in an area in the Midwest that is largely a Dutch-immigrated population, so my hometown is full of tulips and even has a windmill. I need to visit The Netherlands someday.

    • It’s great seeing this yourself! not sure if there is a possibility to take a river cruise in this direction, but I guess if there is, it would be a great addition to your holiday.

  24. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment, my Freshly Pressed “neighbor.” 🙂 Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed, too! Your photos are lovely.

  25. Gorgeous pictures! I have some friends in Holland that I met in the Dominican Republic and I hope to visit them one day, preferably at this time of year so that I can see Holland’s much bragged about worldwide, beautiful flowers! Did you know that Holland gives Canada tulips every year to plant in front of our Parliament building in our country’s capital?

    • No, I did not know that, although I do know that many dutch people migrated to Canada in the past. It must be beautiful having those flowers in your capital 🙂
      Hope you get to visit your friends! 🙂

  26. Enjoying these photos. They are down the road from me too! Have you ever bicycled from Leiden – Haarlem through the bollenstreek? If you have, any tips (route etc)? Thinking of doing it one day in the next couple of weeks!

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  28. When I lived in Holland I went to the market every week and so always had fresh flowers to brighten up my apartment.

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