A series of unfortunate events

Neither technology  nor luck has been on my side lately.

This is what happened:

A couple of weeks ago  my friend N, called me “I’ve got two tickets for the Efteling and I thought this is a day I should spend with you” First of all if you don’t know what the Efteling is, it’s the biggest themepark in Holland. So you can imagine that I jumped through my living room!

A week and a half ago the big day was there, we left the house early, for a girlie day filled with roller coasters. To make a whole day of it, we would stop half way for a cup of coffee as you do when you take a day trip. But somewhere in between getting out of the car and into the highway cafe (which was according to us more likely the waiting room for death) my iphone slipped out of my hand, and met the pavement. Luckily only the glass cracked and it still worked, this was not gonna stand in my way.

An hour later we strolled through the park on our way to our first roller coaster, we were in luck as we got front row seats of our first ride. 2 terrifying minutes later I knew that I I definitely got older since my last roller coaster ride. But it’s just like riding a bike and before I knew it my screams of terror turned into laughter for more.

To get a good impression of the day I, of course, packed my camera, always looking for blogworthy opportunities.

Unfortunately I forgot I also had a can of soda in my bag; that + the camera + a roller coaster ride = disaster

Drying and sweet words did not tempt my camera to switch back on…. so I packed him warmly in my scarf and we continued our day. Like 12-years olds we summed up all the rides we wanted to go on again before, we had to go home or better said before the park closed.

As it was Saturday night, when I got home there was nowhere I could get my camera, so I put him in a container of of rice and hoped for the best.

And what was I to do but get on my laptop, checking my blog and serving the web, when disaster stroke again. My laptop froze, and was non responsive to anything. And after switching it off it would not switch on again.  Desperate and sad I sat on the couch, afraid that the roof would come down.

In the meantime I have visited the tech. centre of Nikon, and the very nice man who was kind enough to have a look at it immediately, informed me that the camera was beyond repair, but luckily for me they had 1 occasion which happened to be the D80, the same model as my just diseased one. I took it straight away, as I have no idea how to live without one.

Also my laptop has been fixed, the only thing was that they had to replace the hard drive. No problem, as I had made regular back ups, nothing was lost right? WRONG! After re~installing my data I found our that almost all my photo’s have vanished! so for the last day & 1/2 I have desperately trying to retrive whatever can be retrieved.

So if you are still reading this: STOP! and make a back-up now. and just in case save all you precious documents, somewhere else…

Hopefully this can all be resolved and I can give you that impression of the Efteling.

Wish me luck!!

9 responses to “A series of unfortunate events

  1. Oh my goodness, that is one terrible stroke of bad luck! I think I probably would have sat there crying for a week. I wish you the best of luck in recovering whatever you can, and no future technical disasters!

  2. But Angela, you’re now in the year of the dragon (chinese astrology). All the events happend in the year of the rabbit…..Komt wel goed schatje!

  3. Oh, that sounds terrible! Just one of those days… I hope your luck is changing now (at least it can hardly get worse right?) 🙂

  4. thanks girls, for the compassion!
    I do hope that it won’t get any worse, as I’m afraid what would happen next. Maybe the dragon can help me to get some of my photos back 😀
    And thanks Eve, I never considered myself a Trooper! hihi

  5. Good Luck, dear Angela, I hope everything to be fine and you manage to recover them. Thank you for visiting my blog, I am so glad to meet with you, with my love, nia

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