New Year in Scotland

blog scotland 14 - copyright @ LosAngelas

First of all Happy New Year to you all!!

Hope you a good time with your family and friends

It seems like it’s becoming a sort of tradition that in between my holiday and the new year, my blogging comes to a grinding stop. But I happy to start the new year with an post of a trip I made to Scotland

For the New Year my boyfriend & I went to Scotland to visit his family. We stayed in the west coast of Scotland in a small place called Lochgoilhead, a place small enough that they only have a shop for necessities a hotel, an Inn ( the Shore Inn, seen in the photo above) and and a parc with holiday homes.

The Lochgoilhead area is absolutely beautiful, surrounded by mountains and hills, it is a real outdoor place perfect for some photography. Unfortunately we had like only half an hour a day of dryness, the whole week. One morning when it wasn’t raining we took the dog for a walk, the loch was covered with what looked like black pebbles, but what were actually mussels.

blog scotland 14 - copyright @ LosAngelas

blog scotland 16 - Copyright @LosAngelas

blog scotland 14 - copyright @ LosAngelas

Two times we took a trip to Inveraray, half an hour drive from Lochgoilhead, a slightly bigger place with cozy pubs and tearooms, and a couple of shops which sell scottish souvenirs and local arts and products. A nice place to visit, apparently in the summer it’s better when there is also the opportunity to visit a landhouse with supposedly beautiful gardens and a tearoom.

But always available is this incredible view.

blog scotland 14 - copyright @ LosAngelas

Blog Scotland - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Blog Scotland 18 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

All in all, this part of Scotland is best to be visited in summer when you have more a guarantee that the weather is better. But every holiday is what you make of it, I guess, in any case we had a good time up there.


7 responses to “New Year in Scotland

    • Thanks, it looks great doesn’t it, however this was only taken on one of the rare moments that it was actually dry… hihi
      oh ad we didn’t eat the mussels, but the whole beach was totally covered with them.

    • thanks F.A.B! so we have something in common… I’ve been a couple of times in the last 10 years, Scotland has a beautiful countrside, with many cozy pubs. But do make sure it you go when it’s not raining, as I experienced on this holiday, it CAN rain A LOT.

  1. Gorgeous! My paternal grandparents were from Scotland – Edinburgh, though. No wonder I don’t mind the dreary weather and have so much trouble living in all this Arizona sunshine. 🙂 Simply beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.

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