The garden chronicles – all about rain

garden & rain 10 - copyright LosAngelas

I live in Holland, actually in Haarlem to be exact, which basically mean that the summer is a hit or a miss… this year it started beautifully, blazing warm days, but unfortunately before we had time to get used to the actual sun  in July the rain came and it rained and rained and rained a bit more…

This is the only joy a I got from my garden back then; looking at it from the couch with the backdoor open, looking how the sky watered my plants for days and days.

Thank God, we have had some dry and sunny days lately, which I will post about later


garden & rain 11 - copyright LosAngelas

garden & rain 12 - copyright @ LosAngelas

garden & rain 15 - copyright @ LosAngelas



8 responses to “The garden chronicles – all about rain

  1. I’m in central Germany, I can relate…nothing but rain here for weeks! But oh, your garden is soo beautiful! I’d love to see more pictures!

  2. I live in Texas. Today is the 20-something day with temperatures above 100F/38C. Yesterday, it was 109F/43C. It isn’t usually this hot but it has destroyed most of my garden. We have been in a drought, too…it is nice to see your rain!

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