Blueberry breakfast pancakes (and some with chocolate)

blueberry pancakes 1 Copyright LosAngelas

Every time I when I browse through other blogs or cooking/recipe site and I see these pancakes I think “oooh, I really have to make these one morning”

Well, this morning was a slow morning and it was raining, the prefect blueberry pancake moment. Of course it would not have been me, if I would not also slipped in some chocolate somewhere….

These are extremely easy to make, what you need it is:

200 gr selfraining flower                 a pinch of salt

1 tsp baking powder                           1 egg

300 ml milk                                          a tbsp of butter

a handful of blueberries                    a handful of raisins

some finely chopped chocolate        butter of oil for frying

The full recipe I got on the BBC food website: but when I made to batter I divided it two bowls, in one I added the blueberries and the other the chocolate and raisins.

So easy to make and absolutely delicious!

Enjoy, and have a nice weekend!!

blueberry pancakes 2 Copyright LosAngelas

blueberry pancakes 3 Copyright LosAngelas

blueberry pancakes 4 Copyright LosAngelas

blueberry pancakes 5 Copyright LosAngelas

6 responses to “Blueberry breakfast pancakes (and some with chocolate)

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  3. Pancakes are fun to make and eat. These sure look yummy. I’ve never use chocolate before but… you convinced me. I’ll have to try it next time I make pancakes. Oh, oh, strawberry and chocolate just came to mind. 😀

    • thanks emily! 🙂 🙂 good idea, I’m also gonna try that next time 🙂
      I chopped the chocolate to fine in my kitchen machine, I think chunks of chocolate would be better.
      Looking forward to see yours

  4. Oh my, pancakes, blueberries, chocolate, strawberries, raisins…. yeah, I’m just gonna die happy now! 🙂 I love making pancakes and this recipe looks easy enough, and yummy enough, to try tomorrow morning. Yum!

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