Blossoms and a bit more…

Blossoms 10.2 - Copyright LosAngelas

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I know that in general too many pictures of flowers are taken and posted on blogs and sites like Flickr. I myself am also guilty of this, but it’s because they’re such an easy and often beautiful subject; they never complain when you take ten minutes longer or stick your lens in between their peddles.

I took these photo’s from blossoms, but posting similar photo’s seemed a bit boring, so I let my creativity flow, and added some beautiful quotes.

These are the results….

Blossoms 8.2 - Copyright LosAngelas

Blossoms 6.2 - Copyright LosAngelas

Blossoms 1.2 - Copyright LosAngelas

6 responses to “Blossoms and a bit more…

  1. I don’t think there are too many photos of flowers being spread – they’re so beautiful in their silent way, I absolutely understand why everyone wants to share their photos with the whole world.
    Your photos are awesome! Really, really beautiful shots. And I totally love your first and third one (the zoom effect is so great). Thanks for sharing these photos with us!


    PS: Thanks for liking my post!

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