If life gives you lemons…

…make a lemon drizzle cake

But first I have to tell you what a bad girl I am; About two weeks ago I  while I was waiting for my take away, I was reading a magazine in which I found a four page article with cake recipes amongst which this lemon cake recipe

which looked delicious, and I got that greedy feeling that I just had to have these recipes. 
 so as sneakily as possible I tried to rip out inch by inch while people around me enjoyed their diner, and before I had the whole thing my order was ready…  

I had to try a sort of Houdini article trick, and thanked kindly for the food. I know it was not my most decent moment, but I could not help myself.

As for the actual cake, my sister invited my family and ourselves over for an easter brunch, and this light lemon cake seemed like a good addition for the afternoon.

It was a great afternoon, with lovely food; of course eggs,  freshly baked bread and delicious cheeses then a little “tea break” when we were entertained by my sisters’ cats Russel & Jacky

In round two we had fresh fruit with cream & lemon cake which I also served with lemon curd mixed with mascarpone.

Besides of course for lemons, you need 3 eggs, flower, baking powder, almonds & milk.

But to prevent you getting into the same situation as I did I found the recipe online here

my addition to this recipe is some grounded chocolate in between the dough


7 responses to “If life gives you lemons…

  1. Your photos look as sumptuous as the lemon cake!!! Love hearing about your surreptious magazine-article sneaking. I’ve wanted to do that in many a doctor’s office waiting room but it’s always too quiet in those places!!! 😀

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  3. Great series!

    I particularly like the shot of the teacup. The angle is clever and highlights the fragility of the items on the tray, creating tension, as if at any moment everything will slip off and shatter.

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