Birthday Beauty

A while ago I posted these photos of my orchids.

Last week I took a few of them and had a few evenings of playing around with them and this is the result.

I was so proud with the result that I wanted to wait for a special occasion to post them, as today is my birthday it seemed like a good time!!!


Enjoy πŸ˜€




12 responses to “Birthday Beauty

  1. Happy belated Birthday, Angela!
    I love the mix between the patterns and the flowers. Also the hues and light are perfect. You did a great job! I hope you enjoyed your week:) XO

    • that’s right Jacqueline, I have adjusted the orchid photo’s in color and then, lightly mixed in a a couple of photo’s of mozaique I took a in Barcelona a couple of years ago.

  2. Foto2nya bagus2, indah. Ternyata tanpa blitz hasilnya libih bagus dan natural.
    Juga karena kamu pakai kreativitas yang bagus.
    Barangkali kamu bisa menjadikan photographer sebagai professi-mu

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