3 days London

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So a couple of weeks ago, this lucky girl got the uppertunituty to spend a couple of days in London, my BF had to work, so during the day I planned to browse through the city myself.

I got on the plain with just a few goals:

  • at least have some relaxing time
  • I brought 3 books (!) of which I wanted to finish at least one…, really I was only going for three days or so.
  • A must do when your in London, is to see a musical. I’ve been wanted to see Wicked for so long that I didn’t want to miss this chance.
  • and last, I was in London of all places, so shopping and some more shopping had to be done.
  • and OF COURSE, make some blogworthy pictures!

 The first day, I left the hotel, packed with, my book, camera, and extra lens, guide of London, map of the underground, etc etc. anyway, i was packed for any and every situation. and after an hour I already regretted being over prepared, so I sat down in this nice place for breakfast/lunch, where I read Squirrel seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris, the short animal stories are so much fun to read that after  my tea I ordered a glass of wine and finished to book. I didn’t get to do a lot of sightseeing then, but I did take this kick ass picture of the London Eye as above and Picadilly Circusbelow

The second day I learned my lesson, and only took my camera, and I set off for Camden to buy some cool clothes.

With all the markets stall available here you can provide the whole of London with clothes, but i was more attracted to the food stalls, from every corner of the world you can buy food here all freshly made…. mmmmmmmmm Delicious!

Third day; although I was flying later that day, I did want to get some shopping…. after three hours of desperatly seeking on Oxford street, I ended up in tube back to the hotel with only to have bought, 2 books; 1 with all different recipes for brownies, and the Tracy Anderson Method book, to burn away the brownie calories (which btw is still in it’s bag….)

All in all, London, don’t set any goals, you will enjoy yourself anyway!

Next will probably be a brownie blog…!!

Enjoy 🙂

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